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An Eagle Eye on Africa’s Water Treatment Environment

water treatment

There is no doubt that heavy industry is necessary in modern society. If the heavy industry were forced to stop applying their trades globally today, most countries would be plunged into the dark ages by the end of the month. On the other hand, should heavy industry not be mindful of the environment, the very species it benefits would eventually starve. For this reason, water treatment is vital in forming a symbiotic relationship between the two.

If it wasn’t for responsible ecological management and sustainable water treatment in heavy industries, the remaining one per cent of this vital resource reserved for other living species on earth, would eventually be rendered undrinkable. Consequences of which, do not need to be explained.

Mobile Water Treatment Solutions

WaterIcon puts Africa’s ecological health in the front seat. Responsible H²O management is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. Appreciative of this fact, we strive to ensure that the environment doesn’t take a poor second place in this symbiotic relationship. WaterIcon is continually inventing, renewing, and evolving the processes of water treatment. Consistently providing innovative solutions to ensure the preservation of this vital commodity.

Consequently, contaminating the continent’s life-sustaining resources can no longer be justified. In cases of emergencies, construction and mining projects, temporary installations, and numerous other industrial applications, WaterIcon can react with the rapid deployment of water treatment facilities to the location of the potential risk.

By providing packaged rental solutions, including the trailer, we offer, skid-mounted units and containerised water treatment plants capable of processing 20ML/day, with the ability to offer larger solutions for more robust projects.

Through WaterIcon’s unique close-coupled design we have a complete range of water treatment services available. With potable and boiler feed H²O, seasonal capacity increases, reverse osmosis plants, and power plant commissioning, we can accommodate even the most distressed clients.

Product Availability

WaterIcon is proud to be able to have leasing options available for many water treatment solutions, including but certainly not exclusive to:

–       Reverse Osmosis

–       Brine Treatment

–       Sand, Micro, and Ultra Filtration Facilities

–       Ion Exchange

–       Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)

–       Ultrafiltration

–       Lamella clarification and,

–       Electrode Ionisation (EDI)

If WaterIcon can’t offer an immediate solution to any quandary our environmentally conscious clientele may encounter, our diverse team of industry specialists will collaborate with our specifically selected, internationally recognised brand-name partnerships. We’ll utilise our SANAS 17025 accredited laboratory to tailor-make a cost-effective, customised solution.

WaterIcon is one of the leading water treatment, filtration, and purification facilitators throughout Africa. From our base camp in Modderfontein, Gauteng, South Africa, we lead the way in research and development of both existing and new equipment, and we create products that will sterilise, sanitise and extend the reusability of this finite commodity through constant revolutionising, invention and innovation.