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Explosives Industry

Spray Drying Plant – Demin Alternative for Ultrapure Water

Problem Statement

Our client had been using a demineralization plant to purify the required process water. However, due to the high operating costs of a demineralization plant, our client wanted to look into other options to treat the raw water.


In an attempt to cut costs while still ensuring that the required water specifications were met, Water Icon designed a complete filtration, softener and reverse osmosis system to treat the process water to the low conductivity required. This meant no more chemicals were required for daily regeneration.

Value Add

Watericon’s technical capability and alternative technologies enables customers to optimize processes and reduce costs dramatically. With attractive paybacks, these key investments play an important role in process optimization.

Typical Plant Feed

  • Municipal Water 

Performance Target

  • Less than 1 micro siemens and a pH of 7


  • Multi Media Pre-Treatment 
  • Reverse Osmosis 
  • Optional – Mixed bed resin polishing filter for <1 mS/cm


Watericon is constantly challenging old technologies that are expensive and have negative impacts on our clients’ effluent and the environment. Implementing more cost effective and sustainable water treatment plants reduces costs and impact on the environment