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Explosives Industry

Tube Drawing Plant Effluent Treatment.

Problem Statement

Our client’s Tube Drawing Plant generates oil and soap effluent during the washing of aluminium tubes used in the production of detonators. This effluent has to be disposed of by a third party as it does not conform to municipal discharge limits


Watericon has designed, built and installed an effluent treatment plant to treat the oil and soap effluent through Coagulation, Flocculation, Filtration and Specialised Membrane Technology.

Typical Plant Feed

  • Emulsified oil and soap wash water with high organics.

Performance Target

  • Low organics
  • Low TDS


  • Chemical addition
  • DAF
  • Sand filter
  • Membrane Technology


The Effluent treatment plant removes oil and soap through floatation in a specialised process which includes unique membrane technology. Effluent is recovered to be used as wash water thus reducing load on the effluent plant and lowering costs.