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Agricultural Industry

Case Study – Distillery – Royal Eswatini Sugar Corporation

Problem Statement

RES approached Watericon to supply, deliver, install, supervise andcommission a water treatment plant to produce 30m3/h ofdemineralised water that will be fed to an electro-deionsation column(ED column) for dilution, and alcohol washing in the distillery.


The solution will include a reverse osmosis unit to reduce the dissolved solids. The incoming TDS is 220mg/l and the desired output must be <5mg/l. Watericon suggests an optional pre-treatment for thr RO, comprising of a sand filter bank.

Performance Target

The performance target is toproduce 30m3/h ofdemineralised water withTDS<25mg/l, conductivity of30μS/cm, and pH of 7 – 8.


Feed Pump-> high flowcartridge filters (protectionfilters)-> High pressure pump->RO unitAlso included is anti-scalantdosing and pH control dosing

Project Scope

Supply, install, supervise and commission the plant in Eswatini

Concentrate Losses

The RO will produce approximately 15m3/h of concentrate or brine that will need to be handled by the client.