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Chemical Industry

Chemical Effluent Treatment Plant

Problem Statement

Our client manufactures chemical raw materials and value-adding services to the cosmetics, toiletry and detergent industries in South Africa and Southern Africa. Due to various manufacturing processes they produce a very complex effluent that was not meeting discharge specifications.


Watericon was tasked with the designing, building and installation of an effluent plant to meet the required specification allowing our client to discharge their effluent legally.

Value Add

Watericon’s vast experience and technical know-how enables us to treat various difficult effluent across all manufacturing industries. Reducing waste streams and possible recovery options add to payback of these effluent plants.

Typical Plant Feed

  • Process Effluent Water with big variances in pH, COD & Conductivity.

Performance Target

  • pH 5.9 -10.0
  • Conductivity 500 mS/m
  • COD <5000 mg/L
  • Fats/Oils <500 mg/L


  • Equalization and pH Correction
  • Chemical Dosing
  • Dissolved Air Floatation


Watericon has a proven track record of accurate analysis through its inhouse lab Watericon Labs, lab scale test work, onsite piloting and full scale effluent plant installations. Assisting customers to become more sustainable and cost effective across all manufacturing industries.