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Paper & Pulp Industry

Process Plant – 63KL/H – Filtration and Softening

Problem Statement

Our client is a leading producer of recycled waste paper grades in the country. Due to Calcium and Magnesium hardness as well as suspended solids in their water source, they regularly experience blockages in process nozzles.


Watericon diagnosed the issue and offered a cost-effective and robust solution which reduces downtime and maintenance costs due to the blocked nozzles and scaling on heating elements, increasing overall efficiencies.

Typical Plant Feed

  • Suspended Solids 17 mg/l
  • Total Hardness 192 mg/l
  • 24h Cycle
  • 63m3/h

Performance Target

  • Suspended Solids 0 mg/l
  • Total Hardness <10 mg/ l


  • Media Filtration
  • Ion Exchange Softening


Watericon solved a pressing problem by applying experience and knowledge. Our design was customized to meet the client’s requirements and provide a quick turnaround time without compromising on cost or performance.