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Agriculture Industry

Borehole Treatment Plant – 1.5M3/H

Problem Statement

Our client owns a farm in area which has no access to municipal waters supply.
Farmers here rely heavily on boreholes for irrigation as well as household use. The
boreholes in the area have a high TDS. This is due to high concentrations of ions like
Na+, Ca2+ and Mg2+ which occur naturally in groundwater. Calcium and
Magnesium cause scaling problems on heating elements. High levels of sodium
affects soil permeability which reduces the water infiltration rate


Watericon supplied a water treatment plant which treats the borehole water ensuring
a high recovery and a product that is suitable for irrigation as well as domestic use
by reducing the TDS through Reverse Osmosis. Anti-scalant dosing allows our
system to run at higher recoveries which means less waste is produced.

Typical Plant Feed

  • Borehole water with a TDS of around 5000ppm

Performance Target

  • Low TDS


  • Sand filter
  • Carbon filter
  • 1 500lt/h RO with anti-scalant dosing


Watericon built and installed a 1500lt/h RO and filtration plant. The sand filter
removes any suspended material and the carbon filter removes colour and organics
that might be coming from the feed water. The reverse osmosis reduces the TDS
through membrane filtration. Resulting in a TDS around 120ppm.