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Food & Beverage Industry

VAF 500 self-cleaning filter efficiently removes TSS to increase water quality

Problem Statement

The client was experiencing a high amount of TSS coming through their feed water supply from the municipality. Their current system was not able to provide the desired quality of product water and took a significant time to clean the strainers because this process was previously done manually. This also meant the line needed to be isolated and the strainer disassembled, cleaned and then re-assembled.


Watericon supplied, installed and commissioned a VAF automatic self-cleaning strainer, which is able to clean itself on both a time basis and through automatically measuring the differential pressure over the feed and product. VAF self-cleaning filters can remove particles between 10 to 1500 microns.

Concentrate losses

  • 25 seconds of flush every hour. Equating to a 0.7% loss.
  • As the system is set up to flush based on time and differential pressure we can assume that the loss is around 1%.

Performance Target

  • The client wanted a system that would work without them having to pause the system to keep attending to blockages.
  • This was achieved with the system being able to trigger the back flush automatically



  • Straining
  • Removal of TSS above set micron rate


Automated self-cleaning strainer, requiring no additional flush or backwash pump or motor.