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Mining Industry

Mineral and Mining Processing – Inclined Plate Settler – Mineral and Solids Recovery

Problem Statement

Due to increasing demand for resources, the footprint and efficiency of conventional type settlers make them undesirable. Our clients require a higher efficiency solids separation solution which can withstand the often abrasive and corrosive nature of aggressive mine streams whilst offering a modular layout and future-proof capacity.


Watericon offers a cost-effective and robust solution. The Inclined Plate Settler drastically reduced the surface area required while increasing settling efficiency. Our solution included cutting edge suspended solids measurement and an integrated control system which prevents high SS solution from leaving the process. This innovation means less mineral solids will be lost in the overflow during periods of hydraulic overload or ineffective precipitation solids.


The end-result was an effective and simple solution which allows for modular expansion. An effluent stream with little to no solids can be generated while all solids can be recovered from the bottom of the settler for processing or disposal


  • Corrosion resistant Inclined Plate Settler
  • Solids measurement
  • Automatic process adjustments according to outlet quality


Automated outlet quality control which mitigates the need for operator input and manual monitoring.