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Cement Industry

Condenser Cleaning – Waste to Energy System – Descaling

Problem Statement

A leading Cement manufacturer is making use of 2 water sources in their processes, Borehole and River. The challenge is high Hardness which causes scaling in heat exchange units such as condensers, coolers, cooling towers and boilers. Scaling reduces the work rate of equipment and systems.


A special blend of highly concentrated chemicals was used in the cleaning process, finished off with high pressure rinsing to remove the precipitated scale.

Performance Target

  • Clean heat exchange tubes
  • Increased performance of units
  • Increase run times before plant maintenance


Chemicals are pumped into the system and then heated to the key temperature to assist in breaking down the scale. After temperature is reached the solution is circulated and soaked for a period of time depending on the severity. System is then rinsed and drained and the loose scale is then removed using high-pressure cleaning.

  • Chemical addition
  • Temperature control
  • High-pressure cleanout


The client has their own Waste Heat Recovery unit that generates power for the plant which consists of a condenser and oil cooler and an air cooler. After the cleanout of the systems, operations have increased from 3MW to between 5 and 5.5MW.