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Mining Industry

Nickel Mine Defoamer Case Study – Plant Trial August 2022

Problem Statement

In thickening or dewatering of the client’s Mining Nickel Flotation Concentrate, air bubbles are strongly attached to the mineral particles, and are difficult to remove. The fine mineral particles rise/froth with the air bubbles to the thickener surface → thickener overflow → process water. This results in high solids carryover and subsequent direct loss of mineral product, Nickel.


The solution was based on our expertise and previous conducted laboratory test works, including measurement of mass of froth build-up per day. Watericon advised the suitable variant de-foaming agent to prevent and destroy the foam build-up. The solution involved the addition of Watericon’s Hydrance 5501 Defoamer in the concentrate launder before the de-watering or thickening process.

Concrete Losses

Approximately 1 metric tonne of scum build-up per day equating to 4 Tonnes of nickel contained in concentrate losses per month.

Performance Target

  • Eliminate concentrate carry-over to overflow(improve production)
  • Eliminate accumulation of froth or scum
  • Improves water recovery
  • Improved settling rates


  • Chemical addition
  • Settling
  • Filtration


Watericon’s chemical products range are tailor made according to the client’s different core types and requirements.

Savings Impact

ROI = $1.032m/yr
Investment Multiplier = $8.68 for every $1 spent