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Chlor-Alkali Industry

Resin Clean and Recovery – Ion Exchange Plant

Problem Statement

An unpredicted event left the client with Ion Exchange Towers filled with fouled and unusable resin. The client’s only option was sourcing emergency supplies of the specialized resin in record time as to reduce the downtime caused by the substance which caked the resin beds. This would take months to import and have a massive cost implication.



Watericon analysed the resin for possible capacity loss and proceeded with resin washing immediately. This was done by using process water on-site and custom Watericon backwash towers. The resin was effectively cleaned by a combination of a constant optimal up-flow velocity and air scour as determined by lab trails. The resin was transferred back into the vessels with a venturi system and the production could resume.


Immediate action and improvisation meant that a custom solution could be implemented on the go.
Our resin washing process produced good-as-new, perfectly clean resin with minimal volume losses. Our team worked around the clock to have the resin washed and production online in as little time as possible whilst creating a huge saving by removing the need of replacing a few tons of resin.

How Our Client Benefitted

  • Minimised downtime
  • Saved millions in cost of new resin
  • Expert guidance on replacement and installation of broken nozzles and troubleshooting
  • Introduction to sustainable method of recovering the occasionally fouled resin


Watericon was able to further reduce costs by utilizing existing structures and equipment available on site to transfer resin, thus eliminating the need for a resin transfer hopper.