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Chlor-Alkali Industry

SRS-Sulphate Removal System – Nanofiltration Plant – Membrane Integrity Testing

Problem Statement

The client wished to recommission a Nanofiltration plant on site which had not been in service for an extended period – 6 years. Subsequently, the condition of the membranes were feared to have been compromised.


Watericon designed and built a test skid in its workshop which enabled us to replicate the client’s plant feed and operating conditions. A series of trials were carried out over a few weeks using the membranes in question. Parameters and performance data were continuously recorded which meant that a full detailed picture could be formed around the condition, rejection and overall performance of the membranes.


Based on the body of data collected by the trials, an informed decision could be made about the condition of the membranes. Watericon could show the client an accurate prediction of how the membranes would perform in the process. They were deemed to be in an acceptable condition which led to a big saving on replacing the membranes. This came as a big surprise as the membranes were expected to have degraded over years of improper storage.

Performance Target

  • Expert advice on sourcing the top-performing, competitively priced specialist NF membranes.
  • Saving millions in cost of new membranes.
  • Expert guidance and support during re-commissioning of Nanofiltration plant.


Watericon was able to give our client the option of keeping old membranes by determining with certainty that they were still performing within limits without risking non-performance on the plant.