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Rural Water Supply – Containerized Conventional Water Treatment Plant with Reverse Osmosis

Problem Statement

Rural areas in Africa oftentimes lack access to reliable municipal supply. Communities and facilities can utilize borehole water, but not before treating the water to remove dissolved salts, hight hardness and often metals. These site are often far and little infrastructure is available.



Watericon designs, manufactures and supplies Containerized Package Water Treatment Plants In order to improve the taste and quality of borehole water where municipal supply is lacking or unavailable. These plants are plug-and-play and only require transport to the site and connection.

Value Add

Watericon’s Rapid design, build and delivered containerized water treatment plants are a quick and effective solution to water issues in rural locations.

Typical Plant Feed

  • Borehole Water – High iron, conductivity and other trace metals

Performance Target

  • SANS 241 – Drinking water specification
  • High recovery >75%


  • Oxidation/ Disinfection
  • Chemical Dosing
  • Settling
  • Multimedia filtration, adsorption and softening
  • Reverse Osmosis


Watericon can offer alternative energy system such as generators or solar systems when electricity is not available. These water treatment plants can be used by the facility to generate an income through the sale of bottled drinking water to the surrounding community.