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Pharmaceutical Cannabis Industry

Ultrafiltration Plant – 1.5m/3h – Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis for Ultrapure Irrigation Water

Problem Statement

In order to optimize the quality of their crops, our client controls the mineral profile of the water which is used to irrigate their plants. In this state-of-the-art approach, only minerals which are beneficial to the plants are added to the irrigation water in optimal quantities. This means that tap-water has to be demineralized before it is suitable for irrigation. As an alternative, they use surface water from a nearby river to supplement the water supply.


Watericon provides various sizes of high efficiency, modular reverse osmosis systems with pre-treatment, as well as a mixed bed ion exchange polishing step. The product water is sterile and demineralized and can now be made-up to the ideal irrigation quality. Our 1.5m3/h UF plant serves as ideal pre-treatment for river water as RO feed.

Typical Plant Feed

Municipal tap water

Performance Target

High Recovery 75%>
Outlet TDS <1 mS/cm
pH between 7 – 8


Carbon filter
Sand filter
1 Micron cartridge filter
RO System
Polishing Resin
UV Sterilizer


Watericon successfully delivered a reliable and cost effective solution to our client, in Africa, with a short lead time and high level of performance. Our solution allowed our client greater versatility in their process.