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Case Study – Distillery – Water Treatment Plant

Problem Statement

The client was in need of a new water treatment plant to increase the capacity and storage of high-quality water that they can use for their boilers and other utilities. The feed water source is the river adjacent to their property, which is not of suitable quality.


Watericon designed, manufactured, installed, and commissioned a new fully automatic water treatment plant to treat the river water to an acceptable quality for the client’s boilers and other utilities. Watericon also provided training and follow-up support to ensure the success of the new plant. This solution included clarification, filtration, and Reverse Osmosis (RO). Watericon repurposed an old RO unit, which the client bought on auction from the USA, to be fit for use in Eswatini. Watericon converted the unit from USA to local standards, helping the client benefit from additional savings.

Concrete Losses

Approximately 1 metric tonne of scum build-up per day equating to 4 Tonnes of nickel contained in concentrate losses per month.

Performance Target

Consistently produce 60m³/h of high -quality reverse osmosis water to the product tank, and have a redundancy capability of an additional 30m3/h.


This solution includes clarification with flocculant dosing, sand filtration, and reverse osmosis.


This project made use of Watericon’s in-house clarifier design. Watericon Group’s chemical brand, Hydrance, was used for the full range of chemicals on site, which included antiscalant, non-oxidising biocide, and flocculant variants.

Savings Impact

The client has seen savings in water usage of the boilers due to longer cycle times as well as a decrease in maintenance cost, due to the high-quality water from the plant.