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Benefits of Agriculture Water Filter Systems

agriculture water filtration system

The Benefits of Agriculture Water Filter Systems Agriculture water filter systems play a crucial role in enhancing water security by addressing the water quality issues related to agricultural activities. They are designed to remove various contaminants from water sources, including sediments, pesticides, fertilisers, pathogens, and several other pollutants. In this article, we’ll explore some of […]

Does the Reverse Osmosis Process Purify Water?

How Does the Reverse Osmosis Process Purify Water? Are you curious about the inner workings of a reverse osmosis system? In this article, we’ll aim to unravel the mystery behind reverse osmosis and how it works. Additionally, we’ll explore alternative methods of water purification, offering you a comprehensive understanding of different approaches to ensuring clean […]

Earth-Conscious Wastewater Treatment

Earth-Conscious Wastewater Treatment in the Mining Industry Without earth-conscious wastewater treatment in mining and other heavy industries, humans as a species could be their own worst enemy. Mineral extraction from the earth is a necessary evil for the existence of modern society. However, fresh water is often made toxic through the process of retrieving these […]

Private and Commercial Water Filtration Systems

The Importance of Private and Commercial Water Filtration Systems Whether it is for private or commercial use, there are occasions when water filtration systems are required to further purify the liquid fed from municipal distribution points. In South Africa, most municipal water supplied to the public is healthy to drink. However, in the food and […]

City of Cape Town warns of water supply limitations caused by load shedding

City of Cape Town warns of water supply limitations caused by load shedding

The City of Cape Town has urged residents to use less water during prolonged stages of load shedding to prevent water supply limitations in higher-lying areas. The City issued the warning following the move to stage six load shedding, which impacts water supply operations in Cape Town, notably in higher-lying areas where water needs to […]

The Importance of a Dosing Pump

What is a Dosing Pump and Why is it Important? A dosing pump is an oscillating positive displacement pump designed to add varieties of media of varying viscosities at a very precise flow rate into a flow of water, gas, or steam. Dosing pumps (also referred to as chemical metering pumps) are used when liquids […]

A Look at Commercial Water Purification Systems

Starting Your Own Water Business? You Need to Look at Commercial Water Purification Systems No matter what type of water-based business you may have in mind, you will need to consider commercial water purification systems to ensure the purity of the liquid. There are various ways to purify and filter water to make it safe […]

Depleted Kariba dam leaves Zimbabweans without power for 19 hours a day

Source: Engineering News, EDITED BY: BLOOMBERG Zimbabweans are being subjected to 19 hours of power cuts a day, because there is insufficient water in the Kariba dam to drive the nation’s main hydropower plant. The worst outages since 2019 are wreaking havoc, causing snarl-ups in Harare, the capital, where most traffic lights are no longer working, and interrupting mobile phone services because batteries […]

Cape Town sets proactive water savings target

Source & Original Author: Engineering News The City of Cape Town has set a proactive water savings target, based on this year’s below average rainfall, until the next rainy season. Despite no immediate cause for concern about water security in Cape Town, with the dam levels currently at about 73%, the city is calling on […]

How Technology Can Improve Infrastructure

Embracing and implementing technological solutions can improve South Africa’s water infrastructure and systems, which are currently in a “state of disarray”, says water treatment solutions company Watericon process engineer Pako Khutsoane. The infrastructure is in “complete disorder”, owing to mismanagement, corruption and a lack of servicing and maintenance. In addition to poor water quality, many South Africans do not have access to clean, potable water. Consequently, the public is becoming increasingly frustrated with […]