Reverse Osmosis System

reverse osmosis system

A Reverse Osmosis System Custom-built to Any Requirements Humans have been utilising various techniques to purify water for millennia, and most of their methods have involved some form of physical filtration. Their earliest efforts drew directly from nature, filtering the water by leaving it to percolate through gravel or sand. Subsequent improvements to this technique […]

Desalination and Brackish Water Treatment


Desalination and Brackish Water Treatment Technologies and Solutions It is unlikely that any inhabitant of the Western Cape will have forgotten the “day zero” drought when the taps in the Mother City came close to running dry. Only the timely introduction of a temporary desalination plant prevented what would otherwise have been a national disaster. The event […]

Water Purification Company

water purification company

Wide Range of Treatment Options from a Leading Water Purification Company Operating from premises in the Modderfontein Industrial Complex on the outskirts of Johannesburg is a company dedicated to preserving one of the planet’s most vital natural resources and ensuring its purity. In pursuit of these goals, it conducts an extensive research and development programme […]

Membrane Filtration

Membrane Filtration in Industrial Water Treatment Humans have employed filters for various purposes for millennia. The Romans used them to remove soil and leaves from the water carried by their aqueducts, and the famed Greek physician Hippocrates filtered boiled water through a conical fabric “sleeve” to further purify it. Porous, unglazed clay pots served a […]

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Filtration System RO Membrane and Control System

Reverse Osmosis Systems and Some Popular Uses Humans have been devising ways to free water of impurities for thousands of years with varying degrees of success. Most of the techniques employed for this purpose rely on mechanical filtration, involving passing a liquid through a porous medium: the smaller the pores, the more efficient the process. […]

Water Treatment Systems

Water Treatment Systems for Industrial and Commercial Use Sixty per cent of the human body is water, and the level is considerably higher in organs like the brain, lungs and kidneys. None of our vital metabolic processes would be possible without this simple compound of hydrogen and oxygen. However, despite a planet whose surface consists […]

Industrial Water Treatment

Industrial Water Treatment Systems in the Mining Industry Mining has long been the mainstay of the South African economy. Johannesburg and secondary industries throughout Gauteng would have never grown to their current size without the rush to exploit the nearby gold-rich reef. Platinum and diamonds have earned billion in hard currency, while extensive coal mining […]

Ion Exchange Systems

Ion Exchange Systems and their Role in Water Softening Most efforts to purify water and other liquids involve mechanical methods such as sedimentation and filtration. These techniques are used mainly to remove dirt. However, they can be adapted to separate any insoluble chemicals present in the untreated source. In the latter case, the objective of […]

Wastewater Treatment Specialists

Wastewater Treatment Specialists are now more Crucial than ever. As the global population rapidly approaches the 8 billion mark, many of the planet’s natural resources are becoming seriously depleted or otherwise endangered. In the latter category, much of the danger is due to pollution. While most of the world’s attention is currently on the atmosphere […]

Industrial Water Treatment Companies

The Crucial Role of Industrial Water Treatment Companies Most of the world’s industrialised nations routinely consume water faster than their purification plants can process it for reuse. The practice is putting increasing pressure on the planet’s untapped reserves. In South Africa, the threat of an impending crisis has been compounded by the blatant evidence of […]