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Case Study – Mining Industry – Inclined Plate Settler – Mineral and Solids Recovery

Mining Glencore

Mining Industry Case Study – Mineral and Mining Processing – Inclined Plate Settler – Mineral and Solids Recovery Problem Statement Due to increasing demand for resources, the footprint and efficiency of conventional type settlers make them undesirable. Our clients require a higher efficiency solids separation solution which can withstand the often abrasive and corrosive nature […]

Case Study – Mining Industry – Defoamer Project at Concentrate Thickener

Mining Industry Case Study – Defoamer Project at Concentrate Thickener Problem Statement The client was struggling with foam at the concentrate thickener. Solution Watericon trialed a project to find the optimal dosage of defoamer at different parameters for the tough adherent foam at the thickener. Due to the fine grind, the nature of the foaming […]

Case Study – Power Industry – Ultra Pure Water

Mining Glencore

Power Industry Case Study – Ultra Pure Water Problem Statement Eskom approached Watericon to supply equipment that will treat raw water at aspecific power station. Previous revision allowed for treatment of clarified waterbut after the site inspection, it was concluded that it would be extremely difficult to get clarified water, and easier to tie-in to […]

Case Study – Mining Industry – Mine Water Solutions – Water Balance

Mining Industry Case Study – Mine Water Solutions – Positive Water Balance Problem Statement A leading coal mine had a positive water balance. They were non-compliant with their water use license with an excess of 1.5MLD. The excess water was contained in pollution control dams over the mine. The excess water, which was high in […]

Case Study – Agricultural Industry – Royal Eswatini Sugar Corporation

Agricultural Industry Case Study – Distillery – Royal Eswatini Sugar Corporation Problem Statement RES approached Watericon to supply, deliver, install, supervise andcommission a water treatment plant to produce 30m3/h ofdemineralised water that will be fed to an electro-deionsation column(ED column) for dilution, and alcohol washing in the distillery. Solution The solution will include a reverse […]

Case Study – Distillery – Water Treatment Plant

Distillery Case Study – Distillery – Water Treatment Plant Problem Statement The client was in need of a new water treatment plant to increase the capacity and storage of high-quality water that they can use for their boilers and other utilities. The feed water source is the river adjacent to their property, which is not […]

Benefits of Agriculture Water Filter Systems

agriculture water filtration system

The Benefits of Agriculture Water Filter Systems Agriculture water filter systems play a crucial role in enhancing water security by addressing the water quality issues related to agricultural activities. They are designed to remove various contaminants from water sources, including sediments, pesticides, fertilisers, pathogens, and several other pollutants. In this article, we’ll explore some of […]

Earth-Conscious Wastewater Treatment

Earth-Conscious Wastewater Treatment in the Mining Industry Without earth-conscious wastewater treatment in mining and other heavy industries, humans as a species could be their own worst enemy. Mineral extraction from the earth is a necessary evil for the existence of modern society. However, fresh water is often made toxic through the process of retrieving these […]