Benefits of Agriculture Water Filter Systems

agriculture water filtration system

The Benefits of Agriculture Water Filter Systems Agriculture water filter systems play a crucial role in enhancing water security by addressing the water quality issues related to agricultural activities. They are designed to remove various contaminants from water sources, including sediments, pesticides, fertilisers, pathogens, and several other pollutants. In this article, we’ll explore some of […]

Case Study – Farmprops Borehole Treatment Plant – 1.5M3/H

Agriculture Industry Borehole Treatment Plant – 1.5M3/H Problem Statement Our client owns a farm in area which has no access to municipal waters supply.Farmers here rely heavily on boreholes for irrigation as well as household use. Theboreholes in the area have a high TDS. This is due to high concentrations of ions likeNa+, Ca2+ and […]