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The Importance of a Dosing Pump

What is a Dosing Pump and Why is it Important? A dosing pump is an oscillating positive displacement pump designed to add varieties of media of varying viscosities at a very precise flow rate into a flow of water, gas, or steam. Dosing pumps (also referred to as chemical metering pumps) are used when liquids […]

How Technology Can Improve Infrastructure

Embracing and implementing technological solutions can improve South Africa’s water infrastructure and systems, which are currently in a “state of disarray”, says water treatment solutions company Watericon process engineer Pako Khutsoane. The infrastructure is in “complete disorder”, owing to mismanagement, corruption and a lack of servicing and maintenance. In addition to poor water quality, many South Africans do not have access to clean, potable water. Consequently, the public is becoming increasingly frustrated with […]

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Reverse Osmosis

Advantages and Disadvantages of Reverse Osmosis Reverse Osmosis is one of the most advanced methods of water-filtration technology. Many freshwater-starved countries with a coastline are adopting this method of water purification to desalinate seawater. Many landlocked countries are using it for filtering brackish groundwater. Some North African and Middle Eastern countries use it as a […]

Technical Solutions – Effluent and Water Recovery for Reuse

Technology Solutions Effluent and Water Recovery for Reuse Water reuse is of utmost importance to help our customers minimise costs and meet their KPIs. We work closely with them to design and build highly efficient water reuse systems, while being able to effectively handle the resultant salts and brine in a cost-effective manner. Wastewater treatment […]

Technical Solutions – Disinfection

Technology Solutions Disinfection Our range of disinfectant technologies kills any disease-causing microorganisms and other harmful substances including: arsenic, uranium, nitrates and carbon. We specialise in processes from chlorination, chlorine dioxide to ozone and UV water treatment, particularly for laboratories and hospitals where water purification applications can range from renal dialysis or sterile services to glassware […]

Technical Solutions – Trial Plants and Piloting

Technology Solutions Trial Plants and Piloting Having the capability of a range of trial plants and processes, Watericon is able to pilot and onsite trial a number of technologies. Key data attained during these trials ensure successful upscaling of the process plants Chemical addition Reaction tanks Settling Sand filtration Reverse Osmosis Ultrafiltration DAF Activated carbon […]

Technical Solutions – Process Water (Design, Build, Operate and Maintain)

Technology Solutions Process water (Design, Build, Operate & Maintain) Each industry has unique requirements for its process water, relying on a wide variety of technologies. We provide the end-to-end design, build and maintenance of a range of process plants, including effluent plants, wastewater treatment and drinking water plants, specifically tailored for customers’ needs. Case Studies […]

Technical Solutions – Industrial Wastewater

Technology Solutions Industrial Wastewater Industrial wastewater cannot be reused or released into the environment without being treated. Contaminants first have to be removed and industries must ensure they are fully compliant with environmental laws. With Watericon’s extensive offering of world-class technologies and specialised teams, we help companies save money by enabling the reuse of industrial […]

Technical Solutions – Desalination and Brackish Water

Technology Solutions Desalination and Brackish Water We’re experts at treating brackish water through Reverse Osmosis technologies, which is proven to produce the most cost-effective results, and is used in over 60% of facilities worldwide. Our industry leading RO systems are effectively able to apply high pressure to a salt water solution, forcing it through a […]

Technical Solutions – Drinking Water

Technology Solutions Drinking Water Watericon effectively treats drinking water, by removing any harmful organic substances or suspended solids to produce high quality, pure drinking water. Our leading technologies in clarification, flocculation and coagulation are based on decades of experience and international best-practice. Combined with leading products, we have impacted millions of people all over the […]