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Technical Solutions – pH correction

Technology Solutions ph Correction Regulating pH is important for minimising corrosion of pipes, and ensuring safe drinking water conditions. We offer a range of products and processes to regulate pH including calcium carbonate, ammonia, sulphuric acid, sodium carbonate, caustic soda. Case Studies Ultrafiltration Plant – 1.5m/3h – Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis for Ultrapure Irrigation Water […]

Technical Solutions – Sludge Drying

Technology Solutions Sludge Drying Our customised wastewater treatment involves sludge drying, a treatment that evaporates the water in sludge, significantly reducing the volume and weight, producing a dry granular product that is easier to store and transport. Green products can be recovered from the dry sludge for use in the agricultural industry. Case Studies Effluent […]

Technical Solutions – Ultrapure Water

Technology Solutions Ultrapure Water Ultrapure water is water treated to the highest level of purity for all contaminant types. It contains only H20 and a balanced number of H+ and OH- ions, with no trace of any detectable endotoxins. We provide ultrapure water, for example demineralised water through the use of ion exchange, double pass […]

Technical Solutions – Coagulation/flocculation

Technology Solutions Coagulation / Flocculation Coagulation involves adding iron or aluminium salts and chemicals with a positive charge. The positively charged coagulants neutralise the negative charge of the suspended particles in the water. The large particles, or floc, are heavier and settle to the bottom in a process known as sedimentation. Case Studies Chemicals Effluent […]

Technical Solutions-Brine Treatment

Technology Solutions Brine Treatment Brine treatment has become an area of concern for the mines due to the high level of salts stored on site, the associated legacy risk and the volumes required for storage. Watericon is an expert at Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD), maximising water recovery from mine waters using membrane processes that ensure […]

Technical Solutions-Oil Separation

Technology Solutions Oil Separation Oil/water separation is a critical process for industries, especially those in the mining, power, petrochemical, mineral or steel sectors. When water becomes contaminated with oil it can be a disaster for production, leading to rotting equipment and oil spills. Case Studies DTP CONTACT

Technical Solutions -Filtration and Side Stream Filtration

Technology Solutions Filtration and Side Stream Filtration Our world-class water filtration systems are designed specifically for certain applications, to effectively remove not only suspended solid particles, but bacteria, viruses and protozoa. Side stream filtration is an effective method for controlling the amount of deposition and fouling in a cooling water system. Cooling towers are a […]

Technical Solutions – Ground Water

Technology Solutions Groundwater In remote or arid areas, the treatment of saline or contaminated groundwater is often the only reliable water source. With our turnkey, mobile solutions we’re able to effectively treat groundwater so our customers can focus on running their operations. Case Studies Containerized Conventional Water Treatment Plant with Reverse Osmosis CONTACT

Technical Solutions – Landfill leachate

Technology Solutions Landfill Leachate This difficult to treat industrial wastewater is one of our key strengths. Our network of technical expertise has given us the edge when it comes to mastering the special processes required to treat landfill leachate, which usually contains typically high levels of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), nitrates, ammonia and salt concentrations. […]

Technical Solutions – Sewage and Wastewater Treatment

Technology Solutions Sewage and Wastewater Treatment Through our bold approach to problem-solving and believing in the impossible… We use a variety of cutting-edge wastewater treatment technologies involving clarification, UV purification, Reverse Osmosis water filtration, nano filtration, aerobic and anaerobic processes. We’ve managed to produce reusable and potable water from wastewater, and reduce overall waste production. […]