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Do Water Filtration Systems Work or is it Simply a Question of Taste?

water filtration systems

The average African explorer will inform you that tap water tastes, feels, and smells different in some regions of southern Africa than it does in others. In some instances, the water is sweeter and softer than that of urban areas and in others, certainly not as much. Many factors contribute to the purity and safety of the drinking water in your tap. In many cases, it is often the water filtration systems, products used, and procedures followed that make all the difference in the quality of the water that you drink.

The intrepid explorer will venture to say that being very close to the source of mountain spring water when ingesting it will deliver a completely different taste experience than what urbanites are accustomed to. However, supplying safe, drinkable water to millions of civilians in a confined area is a mammoth undertaking, specifically when the origin of the resource is not always from the pinnacles of massifs.

Not all Water Filtration Systems are the Same

There are different qualities of the same filtered water. The filtering of the resource can be traced back four millennia, but it wasn’t until 1804 that Scotsman, Robert Thom, introduced the first municipal water filtration systems to the public. Since then, the process has been refined, and with the assistance of modern technology, has subsequently been perfected, providing a pure, quality end product.

Removing unwanted contaminants such as bacteria, sediment, hardness, poor taste, and bad odour is the main objective of all water filters. Most water filtration systems achieve this task, even though results in quality may differ from system to system. The techniques used to best irradiate certain impurities may not always be as effective as others. Alternatively, a very effective but poorly maintained system might be just as ineffective.

Superior-Quality Products Prevent Inferior Water Quality

To realise the highest quality drinking water, demand only the finest quality water filtration systems. Systems, products, and procedures that are recognised across the globe produce drinking water compliant with both the World Health Organisation and SANAS 241 standards.

WaterIcon is an internationally renowned South African company. We effectively and efficiently remove harmful organic and inorganic substances and suspended solids to produce the finest, highest quality, purest drinking water. Our leading products, combined with our specifically designed technologies in clarification, flocculation, and coagulation are based on decades of experience and international best practices.

Our base camp is located in Modderfontein, Gauteng with a firm foothold throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. Additionally, all our expertise and latest, cutting-edge technology solutions are based on sound, environmentally friendly principles. If you would like to experience the finest quality drinking water, choose WaterIcon for the highest quality water filtration systems.