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Earth-Conscious Wastewater Treatment in the Mining Industry

wastewater treatment that is earth-conscious and eco friendly

Without earth-conscious wastewater treatment in mining and other heavy industries, humans as a species could be their own worst enemy. Mineral extraction from the earth is a necessary evil for the existence of modern society. However, fresh water is often made toxic through the process of retrieving these commodities If this poisoned water was left untreated and reintroduced into local ecosystems, the consequences would be dire for human inhabitants and flora and fauna occupying the neighbouring areas and beyond.

At WaterIcon, we have a footprint spanning from South Africa, deep into Sub-Saharan Africa, and are vastly experienced industry leaders. In this article, we discuss earth-conscious wastewater treatment solutions in the mining industry.

Eco-Friendly Wastewater Treatment Solutions Dictated by Water Shortages

Many areas in Africa are prone to long periods of drought. Already a water-scarce country, South Africa has to manage its limited water reserves carefully. Although the mining sector uses a relatively small percentage of fresh water in comparison to other heavy industries, the industry does need the liquid through every phase of the extraction process. The challenge faced by the sector is that once the water has been used, it is rendered almost useless, filled with many toxins from arsenic and heavy metal pollution to radioactive particles. In most instances, it cannot be released into its source or even be reused within the industry unless it is processed.

To comply with stringent environmental regulations and operate efficiently and responsibly, mining operations need to limit source water, groundwater, and aquifer toxification by filtering and reusing the fluid through earth-conscious wastewater treatment solutions.

Why Choose WaterIcon?

At WaterIcon, we prioritise the environment. By harnessing the combined skills and specialised knowledge of our diversely qualified team and international research partners, our products and services are only usurped by our ethical conduct in all areas of our operation. Through invention, innovation, and cutting-edge technology, we have developed new and redefined standard wastewater processes in many industries.

We have established an in-house SANAS 17025 accredited laboratory at our head office, which exists as a support function for our chemical and engineering operations and research and development.

Our attention to detail in wastewater management has brought resounding successes in the mining industry throughout Africa. Our advanced solutions enhance our service, allowing us to include in our offerings:

At WaterIcon, we draw on our world-class reverse osmosis and membrane separation products and technologies to treat acid wastewater. Through these methods, we have successfully produced quality potable water from acid mine water. There has yet to be a water-processing challenge that WaterIcon cannot solve. For end-to-end water treatment solutions, consult with us