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Full range of water treatment solutions for the mining industry

water treatment in mining

If it was Easy, Everyone would be Doing It!

Ever since the human species found value in using or wearing the products of mined minerals, from shiny stones to glittering metals, the deeper they have had to dig to find them. With this, they discovered that water was an extremely efficient tool to be used through the various phases of the mining process. Sadly, the more the precious liquid is used in this industry, the more toxic it becomes to the very species mining the precious materials. The scarcer this precious commodity becomes, the more important water treatment in the mining industry becomes and, it isn’t that easy.

H²O has become Ore Extractions’ Most Common Casualty

Ore is positive content rock containing a valued mineral such as gold or iron, or other mineralised rock such as copper and coal. This ore, along with vast amounts of waste rock have to be excavated and crushed into finely ground tailings. Minerals are then extracted out of the ore with various separating processes using, oftentimes, toxic chemicals.

These toxic and, sometimes, radio-active chemicals along with the polluted waste rock, in turn, poison the millions of litres of H²O used during this process and, should a responsible water treatment in the mining industry not be implemented and correctly managed, severe consequences could be expected. For example, pollution of the surrounding soil and sediments would further filter down into groundwater and pass on into streams, rivers, and eventually fouling the oceans.

Responsible Management of Water Treatment in the Mining Industry

This crucial sector of a country’s economy is highly dependent on H2O treatment technologies and WaterIcon offers a full range of water treatment in the mining industry. These management solutions are reliable, optimal and efficient. We assist to ensure our clients have an uninterrupted H2O supply to support a twenty-four-hour operation and offer our proven solutions from acid ore extraction waste treatment to mineral processing solutions and sludge removal.

Our SANAS 17025-certified H2O analytical section is connected to our on-site, fully equipped, 350 square metre R&D facility where our thriving international network hub collaborates with our diversified staff complement to perform Research and Development on difficult effluents and other challenges you might incur. Not only do we offer a full range of solutions for water treatment in the mining industry, but we produce new, innovative, eco-friendly chemical formulations that will assist you in the future.

WaterIcon considers both the continent and planet when approaching solutions to any water treatment in the mining industry, and we aggressively assist our clients in both environmental management and recovery programs to limit wastage during and after product extrusion exercises.

We know that not everyone can do it, but we do. And we do it best! WaterIcon – Your partner in water treatment in the mining industry.