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Water treatment for the

Food and Beverage Industry

We provide turnkey water treatment solutions, providing efficient water reuse and water purification of the strictest standards required for the food and beverage industry. We manage water treatment plants for breweries, distilleries and food-processing plants.

The food & beverage industry has strict purification and disinfection standards, requiring the purest water for use as an ingredient. Even recycled water for cleaning purposes has to be of the highest quality to meet the World Wide Food Grade industry standards.

In addition, the water volume requirements of food & beverage plants are significant, requiring a cost-effective water supply and a large amount of wastewater that needs to be treated. We manage successful end-to-end water treatment solutions for distilleries, wineries, brewers, abattoirs and food processing plants, helping our customers optimise upstream plant processes while minimising costs associated with wastewater treatment.