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Water treatment for the

Heavy Industry

The African continent is one of the richest and most diverse regions on the planet when it comes to the Mining, Cement, Steel, Minerals, and Metals industries. The extraction and production processing methods required in these industries depend on copious amounts of water. It is essential for efficient water re-use systems to be in place in order to retain profitability while ensuring only clean effluent is released into the environment – wastewater from the iron and steel industry alone contains 5% of grease and oil. The heavy metals cadmium, lead and mercury are common pollutants that build up in the soil and accumulate in the food chain, causing potential adverse health conditions.

At Watericon our technological expertise is unparalleled when it comes to providing an uninterrupted water supply for heavy industry. We specialise in proven processes such as chemical precipitation, flotation, absorption, ion exchange and electrochemical deposition. Our advanced filtration equipment and techniques effectively remove suspended particles and micropollutants, ensuring water can be effectively re-used and released into the environment.