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Water treatment for the

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry

World-class Reverse Osmosis solutions for ultrapure water.
Our reverse osmosis water filtration and electrodeionization technologies help produce ultrapure water for hospitals and companies in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

Water of absolute purity is required for this industry to produce medicines and as a raw material in chemical products. Strict purity regulations have to be passed by manufacturers working in this industry.

Watericon designs and builds, installs, and manages water treatment systems to help manufacturers of medical products reach higher levels of efficiency at reduced cost. Our world-class technologies include softening, Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Electrodeionization (EDI).

Water treatment solution for hospitals
Hospitals are largely dependent on high quality water supply for cleaning processes, drinking water, sterilisers, humidifiers, and to run medical procedures such as dialysis. It is essential for this water supply to remain free of water-borne microbes and infectious diseases.

Wastewater from hospitals is highly contaminated and needs to be treated for safe discharge. Watericon provides the full spectrum of wastewater management and water treatment solutions for hospitals including supply of pathogen-free water, biofilm removal, softening, Reverse Osmosis systems, Electrodeionization (EDI) and ion exchange technologies.