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Prevent Production Shutdowns – Monitor Water Filtration Systems

water filtration systems

It is a foregone conclusion that all industrial and mining operations need to adhere to the rules and regulations set out by the various statutory bodies that govern health and safety. It is therefore accepted procedure that routine maintenance, line closures, and shutdowns will happen in many of these workplace environments. However, it is not acceptable to have an unscheduled shutdown occur due to damage sustained from substandard water filtration systems.

The optimum profitability, productivity, and efficiency in many industries rely on the constant provision of good quality, adequately filtered sources of H²O. If this is the case in your industry, it is advised that you revisit the water filtration systems that keep your consistent supply free of pollutants and impurities.

Neglect or Inadequate Systems Will Cost You

An excess of contaminants, impurities, and mineral deposits that pass through inadequate or neglected water filtration systems may lead to a build-up of scale which, in turn, will result in your machinery or equipment becoming less efficient.

Using unsatisfactory water filtration systems with or without an adequate management program in place can cause reduced heat efficiency, fouling in boilers, scouring along cylinders, shafts, and bearings, and corrosion throughout piping configurations in or connecting your equipment. If left continuously unchecked, it would lead to more serious damage, frequent unplanned shutdowns, and very costly repairs or replacements.

Doing it Right

Internationally renowned and acclaimed water filtration systems by WaterIcon are specifically designed to quickly and effectively remove most pollutants and contaminants that flow through from the main feed, preventing this, sometimes, catastrophic damage.

Well-maintained WaterIcon water filtration systems have various unique means to collect most waterborne pollutants effectively and efficiently. Contaminants, liquid and solid, including harmful minerals will either be caught or attracted into the system and filtered out. This, in conjunction with a chemically induced liquid management system, will leave you with usable H²O that is over ninety-nine per cent pure.

Effective Filtering

WaterIcon water filtration systems may be based on age-old methodologies, however, our diversified, specialised team, in collaboration with the most accomplished international brand-name partners has developed unique filter and management-based combinations that are specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements in both the industrial and mining arenas.

Because of these developments, WaterIcon water filtration systems can be used in most industrial applications including oil and gas, medical and biotech, plastics, automotive, and chemical production industries, and are trusted for use in cooling towers, boiler feed, pump, and process H²O applications as well as wastewater in the mining industry.    

Put WaterIcon to the Test

WaterIcon is yet to be confronted with water filtration systems challenges that we couldn’t resolve. If you have any questions, contact us for a consultation.