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Desalination and Brackish Water

We’re experts at treating brackish water through Reverse Osmosis technologies, which is proven to produce the most cost-effective results, and is used in over 60% of facilities worldwide.

Our industry leading RO systems are effectively able to apply high pressure to a salt water solution, forcing it through a semi-permeable membrane to separate the solvents from the water.
With over one quarter of the world’s population living within less than 25 kilometres of the coast, seawater desalination is a vital technology for water treatment.

Desalination can also be used for the following:

  • Recovering valuable products for the manufacturing industry
  • Treating industrial and municipal wastewater
  • Turning seawater and brackish water into potable water


The development of desalination technologies over the last ten years has reduced capital, operating costs and especially the energy consumed. However, the careful selection of the most appropriate solution depends on the source of the feed and the treated water quality required so that the costs and environmental impact of the solution can be minimised.

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