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What is a Dosing Pump and Why is it Important?

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A dosing pump is an oscillating positive displacement pump designed to add varieties of media of varying viscosities at a very precise flow rate into a flow of water, gas, or steam. Dosing pumps (also referred to as chemical metering pumps) are used when liquids are required to be metered into other processes at a finite rate with a very high level of accuracy.

Uses for a Dosing Pump and Why it is Important

These pumps are often used in various capacities across several industries but are often seen as a tool in the water purification industry. Water is a vital resource for humans, not only as a source of life but also for a variety of industries. In water purification, for example, they may be used in the processes necessary to convert soiled water into drinking water through the coagulation, flocculation, and sedimentation phases of water filtration.

Additionally, a dosing pump may also be observed adding a caustic chemical or acid to a water tank to neutralise pH levels, which prevent scaling in water pipes. Although water purification is often the main function of a dosing pump, it might also be used to meter out precise measurements of chemicals or minerals in the agricultural industry for higher crop yields, they are also active in horticulture, food processing, breweries, factories, medical laboratories, mines, and more.

4 Types of Dosing Pumps

These pumps are named based on their design and their pumping mechanism action. There are four main types of dosing pumps:

  1. Constant Injection Diaphragm Dosing Pump: This is a piston-driven pump. An inlet and an outlet valve are oscillated via a diaphragm, injecting a dosed volume out at a constant flow rate.

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