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Water Filtration Systems – The Ancients did it Too

Water filtration systems

Although the Egyptians were one of the first people to be credited with utilising basic water filtration systems to “make the liquid taste better” in around 1500 BCE, it wasn’t until the 3rd century BCE when Hippocrates, the renowned father of medicine, experimented with the purifying of the substance and, it wasn’t until 1804, when Robert Thom, an aspiring engineer from Scotland, first introduced large-scale water filtration systems to western cultures to rid the precious liquid of impurities and harmful bacteria.

Once purified, the water was transported by horse and cart to the end-user and it would take another three years, after it was suggested that all citizens should have access to the cleaned drinking liquid, before the first pipes were laid to transport the commodity from one place to another. Thom’s filtering of dirty water was based on a slow sand filter technique which, although primitive in comparison to today’s modern water filtration systems, is still used today, from small communities in Afghanistan to the great city of London.

Thirst for Innovation

In today’s modern societies, as the uses for desalinated, clean, fresh water increases in all industries, from the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and agricultural sectors, through to mining, power generation and other heavy industries, the availability of the precious resource decreases. With this, the importance of new, innovative water filtration systems becomes paramount.

WaterIcon is one of the leading water filtration systems and purification companies throughout Africa. From our premises in Modderfontein, Gauteng, South Africa, we lead the way in research and development of both existing and new equipment and products that will sterilise, sanitise and extend the reusability of this finite commodity through constant revolutionising, innovation and invention.

Collaboration Equals Purification

Collaborating with carefully selected, internationally reputed brand-name partnerships, our diverse team of industry professionals utilise our SANAS 17025-accredited laboratory in tailoring cost-effective, customised solutions for our environmentally conscious clientele for the supply of world-class water filtration systems, purification equipment and dosage chemicals.

From ultra-pure filtered water, ion exchange, decalcification, softening and brine treatments through to the heavy industry of sewage and wastewater treatment, our oil separation techniques and our internationally recognised reverse osmosis and membrane separation products to treat acid mine water, there isn’t a filtering challenge that our world-renowned water filtration systems can’t accommodate.

If you Haven’t got It, We do

We have modular plants which range from 10m3/hr to 20ML/day, with the additional advantage of offering larger solutions for bigger projects. We also offer financing of projects, rentals and leasing options with build-to-own, operate-and-transfer options including operations and maintenance agreements. It’s almost impossible not to use our world-class water filtration systems.

Robert Thom might have thought of it, but at WaterIcon, we’ve perfected it!