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Wide Range of Treatment Options from a Leading Water Purification Company

Operating from premises in the Modderfontein Industrial Complex on the outskirts of Johannesburg is a company dedicated to preserving one of the planet’s most vital natural resources and ensuring its purity. In pursuit of these goals, it conducts an extensive research and development programme while collaborating with leading international manufacturers to source the most effective ways to meet its clients’ needs. The company in question is Watericon. We are a leading water purification company with an unparalleled passion for what we do.

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Water Treatment Solutions Across Various Industries

We believe that water is not merely essential for life but that it is life, and its purity should be paramount. At Watericon, we back that belief with a comprehensive range of proven treatment options for an equally broad selection of industries. For example, we provide turnkey solutions for food processing plants, breweries and distilleries, ensuring full compliance with the typically stringent standards imposed on the food and beverage industry. Those standards even apply to recycled water used for cleaning. However, a water purification company must exceed even these strict standards when catering to the needs of a pharmaceutical company.

Fortunately, Watericon is positioned to provide the world-class reverse osmosis (RO) and electro-deionisation (EDI) technology necessary to prepare the ultrapure water required to manufacture intravenous solutions and innumerable systemic and topical medications. We design, build, install and manage systems to ensure maximum efficiency while minimising production costs. In hospitals, we have a dual responsibility to ensure the water used in treatments and that to be discharged are free of any potentially harmful microbes.

Our water purification company also offers products and services to municipalities, agriculture, mines, oil, gas and chemical companies, power plants, car manufacturers and the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Each has its unique needs that require in-depth knowledge of its operation and the purity standards necessary for its various tasks. Founded in 2004, Watericon now serves industries in South Africa and many other nations on the African content to gain the experience that has made it an industry leader.

Watericon’s Dedication to Conservation

As an established water purification company and industry leader, we share the concerns voiced by the World Health Organisation that half the world population will experience water shortages within the next three years. One can attribute much of the responsibility for this impending crisis to contaminants discharged into surface and groundwater. We are on a continuing mission to develop, acquire, and supply world-class water treatment technologies to help our clients conserve this precious, life-giving resource and utilise it more responsibly.

We invite you to view some of our achievements during almost 20 years as a water purification company. You are also welcome to browse our range of proven treatment technologies.