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It’s All in the Chemistry – The Significance of Water Treatment Chemicals

It’s predicted that the next world war will be fought over the possession of drinking water. Whether this proves to be true or not, with climate change and the lack of intelligent storage facilities, the scarcity of this precious commodity is becoming more apparent with every passing year. This is compounded when gross mismanagement of this resource is practised in the domestic, agricultural and industrial sectors.

Water Treatment Chemicals

With only so much of the priceless liquid to go around, the challenges for H2O purification system pioneers are finding the right combination of water treatment chemicals, compounds and solutions to turn waste H2O back into usable H2O. This is fundamentally how WaterIcon has become the leading water purification supplier in Africa.

Creating the Solutions

Providing end-to-end H2O treatment solutions, from the ultra-pure variation of the liquid presented to our host of food and beverage clients and our full-house applications to recover and reuse effluent and sewage black variations, through to coagulation and flocculation, with WaterIcon’s full range of water treatment chemicals there is a solution to any purification problem.

Preserving the planet and the continent of Africa, WaterIcon’s environmental policies are deeply ingrained as part of our mission. Additives and water treatment chemicals are consistently monitored to best preserve these assets and, with our multitude of carefully selected international partners, we ensure that these levels are maintained to the highest possible standards.

Smashing the Status Quo through Innovation

Our access to SABS and NSF-approved technologies, our in-house expertise and extensive research encourages innovation, experimentation and a flair for originality which occurs right here, at our very own laboratory situated in Modderfontein, Gauteng. Our proactive approach ensures tailormade water treatment chemicals and other solutions to the most uniquely specialised requirements and demands of our clients.

There is no “one-shoe-fits-all” solution when it comes to water treatment chemicals and there is no ready-to-use miracle mixture, therefore, WaterIcon is constantly called upon and put to the challenge of creating new and innovative solutions and, once our clients have approved the developed results, we can produce water treatment chemicals at a rate of 400 tons per day in our 3000 square meter production facility.

Variety is the Spice of Life

From liquid-solid separation, oxygen scavengers and corrosion inhibitors to speciality dispersants and online/off-line CIP products and a host of other water treatment chemicals, WaterIcon is in the privileged position to closely collaborate with industries to assist in their eco-transformation and sustainability. There is hardly an industry sector in all of Africa that WaterIcon is not assisting and supplying with water treatment chemicals.

If you’re not yet a part of the WaterIcon community, contact us. There isn’t yet a challenge that we don’t have a solution for.